Stuffed Cajun Meat Market and Specialty Foods


Marinated Chicken Breast

Large chicken breasts marinated in our very own Tangy marinade.  They are fantastic on the grill!

We take a chicken thigh, remove the bone and “Stuff” it with Jalapeno’s & Cream Cheese or Sausage and then wrap it in Bacon.  Perfect for the grill or oven.

We debone a Turkey except for the wing bones and drumsticks.  “Stuff” it with one of our specialty dressings and you have a meal that will feed 10 to 15 people in style.  We always have these in stock but you can special order one any time of year.

Specialty Dressings available:

Cornbread Dressing – Dirty Rice – Crawfish Rice – Boudin – Jambalaya

Almost a Turducken but not quite.  For those of you that do not like duck breast we have the Turken.  It’s a deboned Turkey (except for the wings and drumsticks), “Stuffed” with a deboned Chicken and then “Stuffed” with one of our Specialty Dressings.  The Turken will feed 15 to 20 people and perfect for any occasion.  These are typically made for special orders only.  Call the store to order your’s today!

Specialty Dressings Available:

Dirty Rice – Cornbread Dressing – Crawfish Rice Dressing – Jambalaya – Boudin

Want a Turducken but don’t have that many people to feed?  You need a Turducken Roll.  We completely debone a Turkey and cut it in half, butterfly the breast, “stuff” a large chicken breast & large duck breast inside the Turkey.  Then we even “Stuff” it more with one of hour Specialty Dressings.  Next we squeeze it through our poulty netter and you have Turducken Roll.  They cook easily and present beautifully at the dinner table.  It will feed 6 to 10 people.  We have them in stock but can be special ordered by calling the store.

Specialty Dressing Options:  

Dirty Rice – Crawfish Rice – Boudin – Jambalaya – Cornbread Dressing

The Grand Daddy of them all…  The mysterious Turducken.  Being in Texas, one of the most common questions we get asked is “So, what exactly is a Turduckling (or Turdunken or various other attempts at the pronunciation)”?   We love telling the story because you can just see the customer start to get hungry as you tell them.  First, you debone a Turkey except for the wings and drumsticks.  (The reasons we leave the wing bones are one, I like them, and two, it is a very time consuming venture.  And the drumsticks?  Who doesn’t like knawing on a big Turkey leg…)  Next we debone a chicken entirely and “Stuff” it into the Turkey.  Then we take two plump Duck Breast and put those inside the chicken.  And if that wasn’t enough, we then take one of our specialty dressings and “Stuff” as much into those birds as we can.  It is a tradition with many families particuarily during Thanksgiving & Christmas but can brighten any party up any time of year.  They present beautifully and will feed 16 to 20 people.

Made from Pork, our own seasoning & Pecan Smoked for 8 hours is what gives our Andouille its unmistakable and undeniable flavor.  It is a very versatile sausage.  It’s great cold with Red Wine or cheese & crackers and seasons any gumbo, red bean or Jambalaya to perfection!

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