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12226 RR 620 North Austin, TX 78750 (512) 918-1600

Crawfish & Turducken

Live Crawfish (with Boiled)

Please read first - crawfish season is over or hasn't begun yet.  However you like to think about it... We are not accepting orders for live crawfish at this time.  The season has been starting a little earlier each year so check back in January to see what's happening.  You can also sign up for our eNewsletter and receive updates as they occur. 

Crawfish are live creatures and you will experience dead loss. If handled improperly, the dead loss can be much greater. We do not issue refunds for loss of product. If you need some pointers on how to properly handle your crawfish, please ask us.  We also do not issue refunds on cancellations within 48 hours of the pick up date.


Thank you for considering "Stuffed" for your provider of one of the tastiest creations ever concocted... All of our Turduckens are made at our location on Hwy 620 in Austin, TX. We take great pride in our ingredients and our ability to put together one of the finest Turduckens available anywhere. Our Turduckens are sold by the pound therefore we do not know the final price until we have made your Turducken. The price per lb is listed in the next section for an estimate and we simply take a small deposit to confirm the reservation. Turduckens will vary in size but an average Turducken is 12-13 lbs and feed 15 to 18 guests. You can request a larger (14+lbs) or a smaller (11-12 lb) Turducken. If you do not specify we will get as close to 13 lbs as possible. We also sell Turducken rolls which are about half the size of a Turducken. Rolls will range from 4 to 6 lbs. and feed 6 to 10 guests.  Please call 512-918-1600 with any questions or email us @


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