The Grand Daddy of them all…  The mysterious Turducken.  Being in Texas, one of the most common questions we get asked is “So, what exactly is a Turduckling (or Turdunken or various other attempts at the pronunciation)”?   We love telling the story because you can just see the customer start to get hungry as you tell them.  First, you debone a Turkey except for the wings and drumsticks.  (The reasons we leave the wing bones are one, I like them, and two, it is a very time consuming venture.  And the drumsticks?  Who doesn’t like knawing on a big Turkey leg…)  Next we debone a chicken entirely and “Stuff” it into the Turkey.  Then we take two plump Duck Breast and put those inside the chicken.  And if that wasn’t enough, we then take one of our specialty dressings and “Stuff” as much into those birds as we can.  It is a tradition with many families particuarily during Thanksgiving & Christmas but can brighten any party up any time of year.  They present beautifully and will feed 16 to 20 people.