Love getting the cornbread and the Gumbo!  I enjoy geting their frozen stuff…Love the meat pies and their dirty rice…The frozen stuffed meat items are the perfect size for a dinner for two, or four tops, depending on your sides..  This place is friendly and they have the frequent card.  We have gone back so often and plan to for a long time.  You should check this place out specially if you miss your Louisiana home…

Jo. H.

I dream about their potato salad.  Bites of potato enrobed in a creamy mayo sauce, the tangy bite of raw onion, and a rich smokiness permeating the mixture from the liberally added chunks of homemade bacon.  It’s divine.

Callie E.

I’ll fast forward through the small talk. When we sat down to eat I could not wait to sink my teeth into this chicken. “Bam” as Emeril would say, it knocked my socks off. I mean this thing was awesome. It was juicy and full of flavor it was like my tastes buds were at a dance club letting go and they didn’t care.

Adam B.

We just had your Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Cornbrread.  AMAZING!  It was awesome!  I want to buy the Stuffing next time!  The Smoked Pork Sausage was great also, very smoky flavor.  Just Flat out GREAT!

Tim “TheRockStar”

I picked up a couple of pounds of crawfish Saturday and wanted to let you know they were the best!  The spice flavor and heat level were absolutely perfect!  Love your store… keep up the great work.

Eric L.

Came by and got the sausage.  Great place!  Nice to know you’re there and I will be coming back often.  Very nice and friendly staff.  Thanks to your andouille we are going to have a great boil tomorrow!

Stanley B.

AWESOME!  I started crying, it tasted so good.  I had ordered a Shrimp Po’Boy and Shrimp Etouffee.  I was going to save the etouffee for later, but everyone wanted to try and let’s say next time I order I will have a lot of people ordering with me…

Lisa F.