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Boiled Crawfish

Boiled Crawfish 
$3 deposit per 1lbs
Please note that payment collected is *only a deposit*.  You will pay the balance of your purchase when you pick up your crawfish.
Please pick up your crawfish as close to your time indicated below.  This helps us maintain the high quality we strive for with each order.

Current Pricing:  $9.99/lb

Our Boiled Crawfish are served with Corn & Red Potatoes.

Please specify "Date" for pickup.  We REQUIRE a (minimum) 48 hour notice on these orders.  If you would like to order boiled crawfish sooner than that, check availability under "Cajun Specialties" on our lunch & dinner menu or give us a call @ 512-918-1600.  We boil every day right now.  The reason for the 48 hour online notice is to insure that we do not over sell.

Please specify "Time" for pickup.  No Pickups Before 11am.

"Quantity" chosen reflects lbs.

For orders >60lbs, please call the store.  We can typically negotiate a lower price for larger orders.


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